Creative Habit Recap

This was the first drawing I did for my creative habit.  The original plan was to show the front and back of the character, and then a few different facial expressions.  I quickly found that this took way more time to accomplish than I had to dedicate to my habit every day, and so I […]

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Creative Habit Week 3

For this week’s daily habits, I started by looking up a color palette on picture perfect palettes, a blog I found on tumblr that only posts color palettes.  After choosing one that interested me, I designed a character based around those colors, and what kind of person those colors made me think of. On some of […]

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Creative Habit Week 1

On Tuesday of this week, we went to the library as a class to do research for our creative habits.  I tried to find some books about character design, however when I was unable to do that I instead found a Dreamworks book that had a lot of examples of character designs inside.  I spent […]

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Creative Habit-Proposal

For my creative habit,  I am going to draw 2-3 character pages (such as the one above) each day.  I am going to do all of them digitally, because I struggle with digital line work, and so by doing multiple line drawings each day, I will improve and get used to digital drawing.  I will […]

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Pipeline Project Recap

These are the storyboards we drew up when we first started this project for what the commercial would look like.  Since then, there have been some changes to the project overall, and hours of work have gone into it.  I was one of the people that worked on this storyboard (I helped plan out the […]

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Pipeline Project Week 5

This week was largely focused on getting the footage needed to make our new idea work.  Rather than the original give away idea, we are now doing a found footage crime scene video about the ‘massacre give away’ that we had originally filmed. We got footage of the ‘crime scene’, interviews of people about the […]

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This past Sunday was the film date for our giveaway.  While we didn’t have quite a many people as would have been nice, everyone brought a person or two and we were able to make it work.  I was in some of the pre-gore shots as one of the actors, as can be seen here. […]

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